How to get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in our group and/or what we do.

* You can attend or take part in an event

* You can become a member of our group and help organise the events.

* You can become a member of our group and just help out at events (on the day support).

*You can sponsor an event

* You can help us put up posters in the local community or deliver fliers for events.

* You can take part in our Mirfield collections.

* You can donate items for use as prizes for our events.

* If you run a group of your own you can organise for one of our members to come and give a talk for a donation.

* You can organise your own event - let us know and we will give you support where we can.

* You can volunteer in other ways for Kirkwood Hospice - please look at their website for more details.

We are always searching for new members and ideas to keep our fundraising fun and fresh - if you would like more information please contact Marie on 01924 500772 or email



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